Sunday, November 30, 2008

a mural and a window

I had the pleasure of meeting up yesterday with a few of the ladies from the HGTV Quilting and Needlework message boards. Sassy Needle Pusher, Christmas Queen and her DIL Sara, and Happy Erm made the trip to Quilt Country in Lewisville, and after just a few wrong turns, I did too. You see names on the board and form your own mental impression of what they're like, and it's fun to meet in person and put a face to the name. So, in order of the linup in the picture, we have Sara, me, Christmas Queen, Happy Erm, and Sassy Needle Pusher. Thanks to Happy Erm for coming up with the idea of meeting.

One of the ladies in the shop came out and took our picture in front of their mural on the outside wall. If you get the chance to go there, you won't be sorry. They have fabric galore, and quilts hanging just everywhere you look. We were told ahead of time about their special over the weekend of getting a 5% discount for each canned good brought in, up to 5 cans. The canned goods helped replenish the food bank, and we got a bargain. What a deal!

Today I worked on a snowmen in the window pattern. I made one last year, and got my measurements a little off (see this posting). I expect this one to see some improvement, but that's not to say it's replacing the first. I'm just adding more windows.

Sad to say, vacation is over and it's back to the grind tomorrow. But, Pollyanna that I am, I'll just be thankful I have a job to go back to considering how many people are not as fortunate.

Have a good week, everyone.


lani said...

Wow so lucky to meet with some of the ladies....Love your blog I will be on the HG message board soon just so buzzy during this weekend..

Anonymous said...

One of the best ideas I ever had. I truly enjoyed meeting you all. Elsie your DGK's are precious.