Monday, September 7, 2009

much needed rest

Ah, Labor Day. A day of much needed rest for the working masses. (My last year to fall in that category!)

I finished the Little Cowboy quilt last week, and my mind is turning to see what other projects I want to move forward on. Let's see...I've been working on Christmas crazy quilt type blocks since about February; I'd love to try a paper-piecing challenge that's going on over at the HGTV quilting board (didn't sign up for it, but I'm taking copious notes so I can try my hand at it as it's convenient); my poor little leaves-blowing in-the-wind wall hanging is more reminiscent of an occasional gust of wind the way it gets worked on in spurts; some burp cloths are calling to me; I really could use some placemats and maybe a table runner; and Christmas is just around the corner. What else? Of course the sewing room could stand to be straightened up quite a bit, I have a dress form that I want to put in a new stand and put on Craig's List, there's always a bit of ironing to do, and I won't even mention that my room could use a good vacuuming.

But it's Labor Day, a day of much needed rest for the working masses. I think it can all wait another day, don't you?

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Holee said...

Elsie, I didn't do a tutorial on the needle cases. I just used a 7 x 10 inch foundation and made a string block. Then I layered it with batting and backing, sewed, and turned to the right side.

Of course everything is packed so I can't pull one an take a look at it to see what I did..sorry.