Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I'm on Grams' leave

I'm off this week on Grams' leave. New moms and dads get maternity and paternity leave, so I think my time can be designated as Grams' leave without any problem.

Ellie and I have got to spend a little bit of time together. Well, along with her Mom. ;) But we get some quality bonding time when Mom's taking a nap or I feed her. Yesterday we hung out together while she got some tummy time in. To give credit where credit is due, Elizabeth took this picture, but since it was appropriate I snagged it to post.

And I've been able to get started on the grandkids' Christmas presents. I've decided on quilts for the older kids, and have made a good start. Here's the fabric so far. I found the Spiderman fabric on line, since I was having a hard time finding anything locally. This was my first time to order fabric this way, and it's certainly more convenient, but I would have preferred to feel it first to know the quality of the material. If they would put the thread count in the description, that would certainly help. Anyway, Spidey will be a shadow quilt, similar to how I did this t-shirt quilt. The puppy dogs are checkerboard, and will have one or two dogs appliqued on the back side. I'll probably pick up my third print in the next few days. I plan on doing the quilting myself on Maggie (my new little Janome Magnolia), so I'll certainly get some practice in!


Stephanie said...

I have multiple friends ask me about T-shirt quilts, this is a great idea. I love your colors. Thanks for sharing ~ Stephanie from Maryland

Stephanie said...

Elsie, I responded to your question on my blog for everyone else to see but I used the Picasa Web Albums Collage feature. It's on google Photos, their new Picasa 3.5. Then I took the collage and cropped it in PhotoShop to 890 megapixels width, (height doesn't matter) and added my blog's name on top of it. I am glad you like it, it took me a few hours to figure out how to do it. Let me know if you have any more questions, just send me an email. Congrats on the new addition! ~Stephanie from Maryland