Monday, September 21, 2009

she's here!

We welcomed our newest addition to the family last night. Meet Elise Rose! She's wonderful, and Mom and Dad are doing fine. She didn't want to wake up enough to pose with her eyes open, but I have a feeling we're going to have plenty of waking moment opportunities soon enough. ;)

And because its my blog, here's the now-traditional Grams-and-the-baby picture:

My son-in-law does have a sense of humor. They didn't have her name firmly in place until after she was born. In fact, when I left the hospital last night, still no name. This morning as I got on the elevator to go up to see them, along with David's sister Kathy, we each got a text, simply stating the name: Elise Lowes (first and middle). We were actually kind of excited, and thought how appropriate, knowing how he loves shopping at his favorite home improvement store. Leave it to him to exercise his privilege of choosing the middle name, and come up with Lowes...ha ha ha, lol! But no, she's Elise Rose, and it fits her just fine.

Happy birthday, Little One.


Anonymous said...

She's perfect in every way :)

One Craft at a Time said...

She's beautiful! She even looks like she's smiling in her sleep. Enjoy!:)

JessicaSews said...

.....yes, your blog should be filled with Grams & Baby pictures!
What a beautiful (smiling) baby!

Congratulations and Many Blessings!

SewnGracefully said...

What a gift you have. She's adorable. And looking forward in see many more Grammies pictures!!

Stephanie said...

Elise Rose is beautiful! Congratulations! As a NICU nurse I know how this time can be very scary. Glad she is healthy and everyone is happy! ~ Stephanie from Maryland

everythingquilts said...

She just darling!!