Tuesday, September 1, 2009

quick little blanket...finished!

I finished little Isaiah's quilt, and washed it so it would pucker up the way a quilt ought to. It was my first one to machine quilt (other than Wild and Free, which was just stitching in the ditch), and I'm real pleased with how it came out. I purposely chose a simple layout, partly so it would come together quickly, and partly so I could try my hand, er, machine, at doing the quilting. Here it is:
I used Sharon Schamble's technique for basting the quilt, and really like this method. Takes a bit longer, but lays out so smooth, using no safety pins. I set my stitches a tad longer for the stitching, and that helped too.

Think little Isaiah will like it? (Shhh, they haven't got it yet...hopefully today.)


Liz said...

cute! I like the border/binding a lot

Anonymous said...

How cute.....girl you make the rest of us look really UNtalented!

One Craft at a Time said...

I still think that's the cutest fabric! I would love to receive something like that. Especially since I'm not a quilter. That will be something that will be kept forever. Beautiful work.

SewnGracefully said...

Very cute quilt. And thx's for the link to Sharon Schamble basting. Never watched that one. WOW...!!